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Our clean water legacy

  • ASEAN’s gateway to global trade

    Southeast Asia stands to gain from its increasing ties with other economies worldwide.

  • Consumers carry the global economy

    Consumer spending will be key to global growth during the next two years, says HSBC’s Janet Henry.

  • A passage from India

    How 18 million Indian people living overseas make a difference – at home and abroad.


Find out more about our financial performance, our investment case and HSBC’s dividend and share price.

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Our approach

Fact: HSBC has provided 36.7 billion US dollars of sustainable financing and investments since 2017
Fact: 49 per cent of HSBC employees worldwide work flexibly
Fact: HSBC screens more than 658 million transactions per month for money laundering and financial crime

Who we are

HSBC is one of the world’s leading international banks, with a network that covers 65 countries and territories.

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  • Our businesses

    We serve our 40 million customers worldwide through four global businesses.

  • HSBC in two minutes

    We support businesses to trade and grow and help people to manage their money. Watch this short animation to find out more about us.

How we do business

一本道最新高清无码Learn more about the action we are taking to meet our wider responsibilities towards the customers and communities we serve.

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Achieve your ambitions

Endless possibilities, diverse outlooks. Build your career at HSBC.

History timeline

一本道最新高清无码Learn how a local Hong Kong bank became one of the world’s largest financial services organisations.